Full Moon in Scorpio

On 10th May 2017 at 9.44 pm GMT there is a full Moon in Scorpio. In Eastern tradition this is the powerful Wesak Moon which is associated with the Buddha. It is believed that this marks a time when the energies of the Buddha and the Christ are fused and blended, providing an open channel of communication between humanity and deity.








There is an intensity to this full Moon as the fixed signs of Taurus and Scorpio are to the fore. Scorpio is not a comfortable place for the Moon, as this watery sign urges us to plunge the depths and discover what lies hidden within. We naturally push down what we deem unpleasant or difficult to handle, but Scorpio is no stranger to the dark and can force all that has previously been secreted away to surface again. We may be forced to examine how we seek to over-control our lives, our compulsions, our desires for power and a myriad of other unpleasant feelings. However, there is an easy and creative aspect between the Moon and Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) which hints at the possibility of transforming our feelings, should we choose to explore them thoroughly.

All that is pushed down into the depths is not necessarily bad. Sometimes there are hidden strengths, abilities and talents that have previously been too hot to handle. There can be tremendous gifts lurking beneath the waters, just waiting to be claimed! You may be pleasantly surprised.

Some brilliant flashes of insight are possible at this time, because Mercury (messenger of the gods) and Uranus (the Awakener) are in close conjunction. This may take the form of unexpected/shocking news or merely a sudden realisation when you see a situation from a new perspective.

There are symbols for each degree of the zodiac (called the Sabian symbols) and the keynotes for those symbols for this full Moon are as follows:

The Sun: “Learning to discern what in your culture and religion is meaningful for you personally”.

The Moon: “A readiness to face the results of a refusal to follow the authoritarian patterns of an aggressive society”.

The Sun in earthy Taurus reminds us of all the beauty of nature and the sensual pleasures of life on earth. While the Moon in Scorpio points us towards the deeper meaning of life and the powerful guiding influences that run through us all. No matter what your personal beliefs, it is an opportunity to tune in to your purpose and give thanks for the blessings of our natural surroundings.

The green land and the cleansing river





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Libra Full Moon

This month’s Full Moon occurs across the Aries/Libra axis, reminding us to bring balance into our daily life. The Sun/Eris/Uranus line up in fiery Aries is ready for excitement and possibly disruption, while the Moon, conjunct Jupiter in the opposite sign of Libra is looking for peace. Perhaps you’re revved up with some creative ideas that you want to initiate! Before you act it may be wise to consider working in partnership with another, or at least to take into consideration how your ideas may impact on others.

A fiery Sun

Squaring this opposition is Pluto in Capricorn, adding an intensity to the situation and hinting at possible power struggles. Jupiter (planet of expansion) adds an air of generosity, optimism and adventure to the proceedings, but in such close quarters to the Moon can bring exaggerated emotions, especially if confidence is thwarted by the heavy presence of Pluto. Watch out for some emotional dramas!

Really it’s all about cooperation and understanding. If the creative and innovative energy of Aries can be used wisely to benefit others (Jupiter and Moon in Libra) then the effects can be far-reaching (Jupiter) and profound (Pluto). Do you have some exciting projects waiting to take off?

On 6th April Saturn turned retrograde and on the 9th Mercury did the same. Venus has been retrograde since early last month and Jupiter since early February. Four planets in retrograde motion suggests a slow start for worthy projects. You may find now is not the time to forge ahead with your big plans or maybe things are progressing, but not at the speed you had envisaged. Mars, the action planet, is in steady Taurus and in easy aspect to Pluto so do not despair, there is slow, purposeful and measured forward movement. This is a valuable time for reflecting on and understanding the deeper consequences of your plans.

Slow, steady progress

Venus is now conjunct Chiron and squaring Saturn, prompting us to explore any issues around self-worth and how we may have experienced victim-like behaviours. This is an opportunity to evaluate our relationships and establish a stronger set of personal values in order to move forward. On 15th of April, Venus will turn direct and by the middle of next month those areas will feel lighter and brighter.

“We are members of a vast cosmic orchestra, in which each living instrument is essential to the complementary and harmonious playing of the whole.”   J Allen Boone

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Dream big, but keep your feet on the ground!

Here comes the Full Moon again! (2.55 pm on 12th March 2017). This time it happens across the Pisces/Virgo Axis (Pisces Sun/Virgo Moon). There has been so much activity lately in Pisces – Sun, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron and the North Node are all currently in this dreamy, watery sign. Are your emotions to the fore? Do they readily surface in response to the suffering in the world? How is your dream life? Are you sleeping longer or deeper than usual? Perhaps you’re super creative! The Virgo Full Moon is challenging us to anchor some of those dreams; infuse some order into any chaos we may be experiencing.

Full Moon

The Sun conjunct Chiron gives us a glimpse of our destiny and encourages our creative self to come to the fore.  Positioned in Pisces it can mean we may be a little chaotic because Pisces absorbs the larger world, diffusing barriers between self and others. It can all seem too huge and overwhelming to put into words or actions. However, help is on its way from the earthy Virgo Moon which is reflecting the light of the Sun and beaming it back to us. Using the Virgo qualities of discernment and precision we can give expression to our creative ideas and anchor them into a tangible form.


Ground your ideas

Moon opposite Sun, Chiron and Mercury (Virgo’s ruler) are in square aspect to Saturn, our earthly teacher. This T-square offers the opportunity to ground ideas and actualise plans. Keep self-doubt at bay, employ careful analysis and be clear about your intentions then you should be able to deliver! Helpfully, Mars, the action planet, recently moved into steady Taurus, highlighting strong desires and providing us with a good base to establish plans.

The continuing impatient Jupiter/Uranus opposition triggers a desire to change the world and speak out against injustice. Retrograde Jupiter is also in stressful aspect to the Sun making ideals larger than life and consequently difficult to harness. Adopting a moderate attitude enables us to deal with matters in bite size chunks. The Virgo Moon will help deal with the finer details.

Clear path ahead





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Another Chapter

Tomorrow (26th February 2017 at 2.59 pm) there is a Solar Eclipse in Pisces. This is the final one of a series of eclipses across the Pisces/Virgo Axis that have been taking place over the last 2 years. Eclipses provide us with moments of clarity concerning the past. When the light of consciousness awareness (the Sun) is partially blocked (by the Moon) then our intuitive and instinctual side can reveal to us that which has been previously hidden. The present is momentarily obscured by the past and we are given the opportunity to recognise deeper concerns that have been holding us back. Here is the possibility to integrate past and present, enabling us to move forward with more confidence.

Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces is closely conjoining the Sun and Moon in Pisces, highlighting issues around boundaries. Is your life dominated by someone else? Are you doing what you want or agreeing with others all the time? On the other hand if you have a strong sense of self then you’ll find it easy to empathise with others now and your personal ego concerns may take a back seat.

Watery Pisces has us dreaming, fantasising and creating. It may be difficult to organise your day or undertake practical tasks with so much Piscean energy around. Life may feel a bit chaotic and uncertain. Relaxing, meditating, letting go and trusting may be the answer to dealing with niggling problems. There is also an emphasis on spiritual matters with a desire to transcend the worries of daily life and merge into a state of oneness with creation.

Let go and dream. "The Mudmaid" by Sue and Pete Hill

Let go and dream. “The Mudmaid” by Sue and Pete Hill

Jupiter, the old ruler of Pisces is currently in retrograde motion in the sign of Libra. Now is the time for consolidating and appreciating what you have. It is opposing Mars and Uranus in Aries. Mars, in its own sign, wants to drive things forward and may be impatient with all the Pisces energy that slows everything down. Uranus, planet of the unexpected, may surprise us by introducing something out of the blue. Perhaps not what we wanted or imagined. This Mars/Uranus energy is potentially explosive. Sudden outbursts of anger or rage may surface. If Jupiter gets in on the act then the results could be over the top for Jupiter tends to exaggerate. However Jupiter is also full of wisdom and in the sign of justice (Libra) may be able to put matters into perspective.

"Thunder Storm" Rachel Ricketts

“Thunder Storm” Rachel Ricketts

This opposition from Jupiter to Mars/Uranus is in a loose square to Pluto (life, death and rebirth) prompting us to examine what is dragging us down, to release old patterns that are hindering growth and open to new ways of being. Glimpsing the way forward may be possible even if attempts at putting it into practice have to wait a while.

The effects of a Solar eclipse are said to last up to 6 months. Certainly, they herald new chapters in our history and are especially pertinent if they occur close to a planet or point in your personal chart.

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February Lunar Eclipse

This month’s Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse and supercharged, so hang onto your hats! The detached, group-oriented Aquarian Sun is being challenged by the warm, creative, self-centred Moon in Leo. At this time of year we are torn between the personal (Leo) and the impersonal (Aquarius) so it’s easy to confuse our personal will with that of humanity’s. It’s important to take a step back and consider the world around you before being carried off on a wave of fiery energy that may impact on others.

Energetic play

Energetic play

The Moon is part of a Grand Trine in fire that includes Uranus (Aries) and Saturn (Sagittarius). At its best this provides us with an opportunity to get some radical (Uranus) plans off the ground (Saturn). However, it may not be the ideal moment to rashly enter into a new venture. This grand trine connects with Jupiter (planet of expansion), currently in Libra and in retrograde motion. It indicates that the present is more conducive to consolidating and appreciating what you have rather than taking on big new projects.

Adding to the fiery nature of the chart is Mars (ruler of Aries), in its own sign, with Venus close by.  Mars and Venus are a powerful combination for creativity and passion. Getting carried away with an idea is possible, as is pushing forward with personal desires. In fact, the flavour of the energy is a bit start/stop. Enormous waves of enthusiasm could occur, followed by bouts of exhaustion. Romances (Mars conjunct Venus) too, may have the same feel – full steam ahead, then pauses or delays.

Full steam ahead or apply those brakes!

Full steam ahead or apply those brakes!

There is a restless quality to this Full Moon; a desire to forge ahead and move on with life! Tremendous energy is building up, but we have to pause slightly, until the way ahead is clearly set out. Fire and air abound in this chart with just a small amount of water and only one planet in Earth (Pluto in Capricorn). The effect of Pluto (in T-square to Uranus and Jupiter) may serve to curb the impulsive and reckless nature of the other two giants.

The Lunar Eclipse takes place at 0.34 am on 11th February and its effects could last for several weeks. If you have planets or sensitive points in your chart that line up with the eclipse points then this is an important phase for you and could herald a major change in your life. Eclipses generally give us an opportunity to integrate past and future. Wherever the eclipse takes place in your chart will be under the spotlight.

No time for rest?

No time for rest?


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Forging ahead or dreaming?

This month’s Full Moon occurs on Thursday, 12th January at 11.35 am and takes place in the sign of Cancer. It’s now when the Sun is in the opposite sign of Capricorn we can find ourselves torn between the demands of home life and those of career. Issues relating to status arise – should we be ‘out there’ attracting recognition, or tending to the requirements of home and family?  Do we want to be in the public eye or secure in the comfortable surroundings of our home? Where do our responsibilities lie? How can we balance the needs of both?

Home comforts

Home comforts

Squaring both Sun and Moon, is Jupiter in Libra – possibly creating further tension! Jupiter tends to exaggerate, causing us to be over emotional or to take matters to the extreme. However, it also prompts us to consider the wider viewpoint. Placed in Libra, it has the ability to put life into perspective as we take our focus away from the personal and concentrate instead on broader social issues.

Jupiter in Libra (it’s here from September 2016 to October 2017) gives us a chance to appreciate a wide variety of beliefs, move outside the personal self and understand other people’s points of view and ways of life. Currently opposing Uranus (the Awakener) in Aries it offers alternative approaches, changes in outlook and shows the need for social justice. The dwarf planet Eris (discovered in 2005) is close to Uranus, in direct opposition to Jupiter and exactly squaring the Sun and Moon. Eris is termed a warrior goddess and called ‘planet of discord’, so be prepared to feel outraged at indications of inequality expressed in our world. Perhaps at this Full Moon we may be urged to consider what we can do personally to promote a fairer society.

Cardinal Grand Cross

Cardinal Grand Cross

All the above takes place in Cardinal signs, encouraging us to forge ahead, make progress and achieve some kind of outcome. In contrast to this, is a grouping of planets in Pisces. Pisces has a gentler expression requiring no particular direction, easily getting diverted according to the mood of the moment. Under its influence we follow no definite path so it’s no surprise it’s associated with dreaming, imagination and sleep. Venus conjunct Neptune (ruler of Pisces) gives an appreciation of beauty and injects a spiritual content into our relationships and values. Mars conjunct Chiron is facilitating our ability to release hurts and old pain.

Are you remembering your dreams at the moment? Are you flowing with creative energy? Are you considering your ideals? Is the tide of your imagination running high? Perhaps your compassion and empathy is exaggerated at this time. Maybe you are considering the ways in which you can make a difference in everyday life and do your bit to create a better world. This Full Moon has many possibilities if we can harness the opportunities on offer.

Bizarre dream?

Bizarre dream?


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What are you thinking?

Is your head full of ideas and thoughts? Are you finding it difficult to switch off your busy mind? Well no surprise really, as the Moon is in Gemini, sharpening thinking and encouraging quick reactions. Restless heads! This full Moon (exact at 0.07 am 14th Dec) occurs every year around this time when most people are engaged in preparations for the upcoming holiday. It is so easy to succumb to full Moon frenzy with the Sun in the opposite sign of expansive Sagittarius.

The hustle and bustle of Christmas.

The hustle and bustle of Christmas.

However the Sun is presently conjunct sobering Saturn, which has the effect of calming down our adventurous side (Sagittarius). Saturn requires that we act sensibly and reign in our wanderings! Both Sun, Saturn and Moon are in square to Chiron residing in watery Pisces. Be careful (Saturn) what you say (Gemini) or blurt out (Sagittarius) for your words may be received as hurtful (Chiron). On a more positive note, with forethought and diplomacy, our words have the potential to heal some deep wounds at this time, for Chiron is the wounded healer. The advice is, think before you speak.

Mercury (ruler of Gemini) is conjunct Pluto (god of the Underworld) and this may herald a time of speaking ones truth. It squares both Jupiter (in diplomatic Libra) and Uranus (in fiery Aries). What needs to come out now? What has been hidden away (Pluto) and needs naming (Uranus in Aries). There may be some deep discussions now and the consequences may take a while to come to fruition, for Mercury shortly goes retrograde (19th Dec). When the planet of communication (Mercury) turns retrograde, it gives us the opportunity to reflect on matters. It will go direct again in early January (8th) and catch up once more with Pluto at the end of that month, when conclusions can be reached.

There are some major aspects between planets at this Full Moon: two T-squares; a wide Grand Trine; and a wide Kite. Nine planets are involved and many of them occur in more than one aspect. We live in radical times when fundamental changes are taking place in our world, both outer and inner. In the midst of this we are transforming our thinking and adjusting our views. Increasingly we have opportunities to feel the pain of others, understand our deeper connections and reform the way we receive people into our lives and hearts. As the planets circle the zodiac and interact with each other, then the qualities of those planets and their relationships effect our everyday lives, giving us the opportunity to evolve and grow.

The meeting of large and small

The meeting of large and small

There is a symbol for each degree of the zodiac which gives us a clue to the possibilities of that point. These are called Sabian symbols and those for this Full Moon are as follows:

Moon: Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree. The growth of spiritually creative processes in an at least relatively integrated mind.

Sun: A group of immigrants as they fulfil the requirements of entrance into the new country. Consciously accepting the ways of a new stage of experience, in readiness for the opportunities it will present.

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