Lunar Eclipse in Leo

A Lunar Eclipse in the early degrees of Leo takes place at 5.15 am GMT on 21 January 2019. At eclipses the light of either the Sun or Moon is obscured allowing portals to open up and reveal secrets that have previously been out of reach to our conscious minds. At a Lunar Eclipse it is the light of the Moon that disappears from view, enabling hidden problems to surface.


At this eclipse the Aquarian Sun is conjunct the South Node, implying we need to focus on matters from the past in order to resolve and release old karmic patterns that may be holding us back.  Pluto (transformation), Mercury (communication) and the South Node (past) are all closely aligned at the end of Capricorn, yet within a few degrees of the Sun in early Aquarius. Outworn structures that no longer serve us, attitudes designed to control, and old-fashioned rules that limit our current lives, need investigating thoroughly in order to move on. The Sun in early Aquarius brings fresh perspectives into play and opportunities for alternative ways of understanding issues.

The Leo Moon conjunct the North Node (future) taps into our emotions and drives us forward, giving us enthusiasm and the confidence to get what we want. Uranus, planet of sudden change and enlightenment, is in square aspect to both Moon/North Node and the Sun/South Node/Mercury/Pluto conjunction, pressing for new ideas and shifts in our approach. The Aquarian Sun brings global thinking and humanitarian matters to the fore and the Leo Moon focuses on creativity and self-esteem.


Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, is strong in its own sign and in an exact square aspect to Mars in Aries – also powerful in its home sign. There may be frustration when things do not move as quickly as hoped. The direct will of Mars in Aries is thwarted by a Saturn that demands limitations. Mars in Aries can be rash and Saturn in Capricorn can block, but these two planets are able to work constructively together and much is achieved if matters are taken slowly and sensibly. Careful planning, a realistic approach and a solid structure are needed before plans can be furthered.

In contrast, Mars in fiery Aries is in flowing aspect to Venus and Jupiter (also in its own sign) in Sagittarius, another fire sign. Grand gestures of love (Venus/Jupiter) and lots of enthusiasm for an adventure may be on the cards! Joy, pleasure and fun are just what we need in these gloomy days of winter!

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Winter Solstice and Full Moon

At 10.24 pm on 21st December the Sun enters Capricorn – this marks Winter Solstice, the time when the Sun is farthest from the equator and days are at their shortest in the northern hemisphere. After the rush of adventurous Sagittarius the Sun is moving into quieter Capricorn. This is standstill time – the quiet, dark days of winter. Time to settle down, take stock and plan the months ahead. It isn’t until the second week of January that daylight increases noticeably and matters begin to gather speed.


Winter sunrise

Less than 24 hours after Solstice, there is a Full Moon in home-loving Cancer (5.48 pm on 22nd). This is the where the Moon is comfortable because it rules Cancer.  Home, family and creature comforts come to the fore. Very fitting for the seasonal celebrations it seems! However with the Moon in opposition to the Capricorn Sun which is close to Saturn (its ruler) there may be feelings of being stifled or held back. The Moon may be strong in its own sign, but the Sun has its ruler on its side! Sun/Saturn brings pressure to bear regarding our duties and responsibilities.

Mars is still in watery Pisces and in square aspect to both Sun and Moon which indicates possible emotional conflicts. Keeping feelings firmly under control (Sun/Saturn) may be the choice for some, but keeping the lid on too tight could invite an intense explosion of emotion. Saturn midway between Sun and Pluto suggests a determination to control excesses. If feelings arise then it’s possible they go a long way back (Pluto conjunct South Node), but Chiron conjunct Mars gives a chance to heal those old wounds and find a way forward.

On a different note, the Sun is in easy aspect to Uranus (the Awakener), and the Moon in turn forms a creative sextile to Uranus. Surprises or an unexpected turn of events could arise. This may do much to lighten these otherwise gloomy days of the year.

Mercury is still in close proximity to Jupiter, in its own sign (Sagittarius). While communications (Mercury) are spread far and wide (Jupiter/Sagittarius) and there may be talk of travel to far flung places, it would be wise not to promise more than you can deliver. Philosophical discussions, optimistic talk and witty words all come under the umbrella of this alignment.

Meanwhile Venus (goddess of love) and Ceres (goddess of earth) are conjunct in Scorpio, prompting a recognition of our deep connection to earth and the joy of living on this beautiful planet we call home.


Seasonal greetings of love and good cheer to all




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Comings and Goings

What a month November has been for planetary too-ing and fro-ing! Mars entered Pisces on the 15th after a lengthy stay in Aquarius, Venus changed direction on the same day and is now moving forward again, Jupiter entered its own sign of Sagittarius on the 9th, Uranus slipped back into Aries on the 7th, which was the day the Nodes of the Moon changed from Leo/Aquarius to Cancer/Capricorn, Mercury went retrograde on the 17th and Neptune will turn direct again on the 25th. Phew! Lots of re-jigging going on! How are you feeling?


This month’s Full Moon (5.39 am GMT on 23rd November) occurs in the early degrees of Gemini/Sagittarius, bringing a blast of fresh energy in. There is always a restlessness to these two mutable signs, as both like to be on the move.  Gemini busies itself with the everyday, while Sagittarius likes to wander further afield. The Moon in Gemini urges us to notice the details, while the Sun in Sagittarius says look at the bigger picture. Jupiter, is closely conjunct this Sun and since it is comfortable here, in its own sign, it tends to overdo matters. ‘Think big’ it proclaims, ‘take in a wider perspective’, while the Moon, opposing it, is concerned with events closer to home. There’s usually a build up of energy at Full Moon but this one, with Jupiter in the mix, could feel even more frantic. In addition, Mars is in Pisces, squaring both Moon and Sun/Jupiter, and with the potential to create yet more tension.

So how do we get the best out of this line up? Gemini provides the information, logic and reasoning, while Sagittarius enables us to put it into a larger framework. Sagittarius is philosophical and inspirational and Gemini has the means to apply it to daily life. The enthusiasm and optimism of the Sun/Jupiter conjunction can be used to inspire and uplift those we meet in everyday circumstances (Moon). And what of those aspects to Mars? Although Pisces isn’t considered the best placement for this fiery planet (it tends to be emotional in its expression and is not given to direct action), there is the opportunity to move things on gently, with subtlety and great sensitivity.

The ruler of the Gemini Moon is Mercury which is currently retrograde. Take nothing at face value as it is easy to misunderstand situations and the things people say. There’s also a tendency to exaggerate (Mercury is conjunct Jupiter) or promise more than you can deliver. It’s better to be sure of the accuracy of information before acting upon it. On the plus side, you may find yourself reflecting on something you’ve read or heard which has great meaning for you.

Venus, planet of love, is currently in Libra and opposing Uranus, which has slipped back into the end degrees of Aries for a while. Perhaps issues around personal freedom are surfacing. This is likely to be an old concern, which is now presenting itself again so that the final details can be teased out. What do you value? How do you feel of value? What do you need to be able to express yourself freely? Since this opposition forms a Grand Cross with the Nodes of the Moon these questions have to be addressed in order to move confidently into the future.

Overall, November has been a month of shifting sands, and with this Full Moon in the early degrees of restless signs there is an indication that things are still not settling. Although there is a coming to fruition and a sense of a chapter being completed (Full Moon), there is still a way to go, as the path ahead has yet to be determined.

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes”  Lao-Tse

Aside: Dear Blog Readers, if you’re wondering why I’ve included photos of woodpeckers, please scroll over the photos with your mouse for a clue. “Take nothing at face value”. (See para above photos). However, when I’d added them I thought perhaps my idea was a little too cryptic and so I went off to sip coffee and make a final decision on whether to include them. I’d more or less decided to remove the woodpeckers, when, gazing out into my back garden, I saw what I thought was a woodpecker! Surely not! I haven’t seen one for 2-3 years – it couldn’t be! I grabbed my glasses, yes, it was! Was it a sign? I did a search on Google for ‘symbolic meaning of woodpecker’ and immediately got the following: “rooted in communication and opportunity”. So here’s the astrology – communication = Gemini (current Moon sign), opportunity = Sagittarius (current Sun sign). Ain’t life magical!!






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Taurus Full Moon

This month the Moon is full in Taurus, where it is said to be exalted. The position of the Moon in our charts signifies where we wish to feel comfortable and secure. Taurus is a sign which craves comfort, security and the good life so the Moon feels at home here. However, Uranus the planet that frequently brings disruption and unexpected events is closely conjunct this Moon. Prepare to be surprised! Your home life, your daily routines and familiar patterns of behaviour could be shaken up. You may be alarmed at some uncomfortable emotions that surface.

Meanwhile the Sun in the opposite sign of Scorpio is conjunct Venus implying that good relations are on the agenda. However, this is the sign of Scorpio, and Venus is retrograde suggesting that we may need to look at our deeper motivations. There is a passion associated with this sign that drives our desires. Could there be a spark of jealousy arising? Venus and Moon in opposition can give rise to an inability to accept others’ needs and wants over our own.

Help is at hand in the form of Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn. This earthy, well disciplined planet confers authority and maturity. Its connection with Sun/Venus is a creative sextile and it forms a trine with Moon/Uranus. These configurations promise a solution to issues or at any rate an opportunity to give form to any differences in feelings. Perhaps an airing of emotions and deep seated drives can at least allow understanding and respect for both sides of the situation, even if the reality points to a division of paths. The Nodes of the Moon are squaring both Sun/Venus and Moon/Uranus, so expect all of the above to influence your chosen route to the future.


Mars (the warrior) is in square aspect to Mercury (communications) inferring there could be some angry exchanges. Used productively though, this aspect allows us to face the challenge and get to the point (Mars) when discussions (Mercury) get underway. Jupiter, also in Scorpio, is shining its light on matters previously hidden from view. Its close proximity to Mercury promises a broader understanding and the possibility to speak our Truth.

This Full Moon (4.45 pm GMT on 24 October), with its Fixed Grand Cross (Moon/Uranus opposite Sun/Venus, squared by North and South Nodes) certainly suggests facing some uncomfortable issues around this time. The up side is that perhaps it is necessary that the ground is cleared before we can tackle the future confidently.

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September Full Moon

Summer gives way to Autumn (23rd September) when the Sun moves from Virgo into the sign of The Balance (Libra) and night and day become of equal length. Hot on the heels of this regular turning point in the year, comes a Full Moon in fiery Aries (2.52 am GMT 25th September) and we are reminded yet again, of a pull in two different directions. Full Moons always have us weighing up differences of course, because Sun and Moon are in opposing signs. This time it is between ‘me’ (Aries) and ‘my needs’ versus the presumed ‘needs of others’ (Libra).


The Aries Moon is closely conjoining Chiron, allowing memories of old hurts to surface, both personal and ancestral. We may not be able to undo the wounding, but there is scope to understand why it happened in the first place. Mercury (communication) is near the Sun, forming connections with the Moon and Chiron – the lines of communication and understanding are open! It could be the right time to talk or write about our emotional pain. Saturn, in its own sign of Capricorn, squares both Sun/Mercury and Moon/Chiron suggesting the time is ripe for grounding feelings.

Adding to the above mix are two goddesses – Ceres and Vesta. The dwarf planet Ceres is in close proximity to the Sun and Mercury, indicating mother/nurturing issues could arise. The asteroid Vesta is almost exactly conjunct Saturn and points to self-sufficiency and an ability to remain centred. A further link to Uranus underlines the urge to be independent and free from outside controls.

Meanwhile Venus (ruler of Libra) is in Scorpio, in wide opposition to Uranus in Taurus, and squares Mars (ruler of Aries), the South Node and Black Moon Lilith, possibly bringing up issues of past power struggles.

There is much in this Full Moon chart that points towards past hurts with a strong need to be heard and recognised. An Aries Moon demands acknowledgment of personal issues, and a Libra Sun says let’s compromise/ negotiate. Saturn in square aspect to both suggests maturity and wisdom be brought into the equation in order to resolve issues.

“Part of the responsibility of realising our personal power is learning the concept of ‘passing power’. When power comes to you, keep some, pass some on, and claim her again when she returns. Letting go of power is the ultimate in trust: my power is not diminished by yours.”  – Ffiona Morgan from Daughters of the Moon Tarot

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August Full Moon

The Moon is full on 26th August at 11.56 am GMT in the sensitive sign of Pisces. This watery Moon allows us to dream and enter our inner world of fantasy and visions. Meditation, quiet reflection and peaceful day-dreaming are all favoured. This is a realm which may seem chaotic and confused in comparison to the demands of the mundane world of schedules, deadlines and productivity, but dwelling here for a while allows healing and balance to return into our busy lives. Our capacity for empathy and compassion is also to the fore now.


In contrast is the Sun in hardworking Virgo. It entered this earthy sign on 23rd August, urging us to restore some kind of order into our daily life. Summer is waning and those fun-filled days are coming to an end. The Sun has left playful Leo and has stepped into sensible Virgo where it is now time to focus on the serious business of living.

So how can these opposing signs work together successfully?  Anything emerging from  the confusing, chaotic world of fantasy (Pisces) can be given order and clarity (Virgo), thereby translating the dream into reality.  The tedious rituals of day to day existence (Virgo) can be infused with a sense of spiritual meaning and understanding (Pisces).

The Virgo Sun is in an easy flowing aspect to both Saturn and Uranus, creating a Grand Trine in Earth signs. Here lies great potential to bring in some inspirational ideas and put them to use. While Saturn consolidates the past in order to plan for the future, Uranus brings genius and a glimpse of the new into view. These three planets in each of the earth signs suggests the time is right for grounding fresh ideas.


Mars (action) has been in retrograde motion most of the summer (since 25th June), but has now slowed and is stationary on the day of this Full Moon. The very next day it will turn direct. It may have seemed lately that plans have been hard to get moving, but this has been valuable contemplation time. Trying to force matters has led to impatience and frustration for those unwilling to allow matters to run their natural course. Now with this fiery planet moving in its favoured direction we could at last see our ideas taking shape. They may not reach their full potential though until after 8th October when Mars reaches the same degree it was when it turned retrograde.

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Aquarius Lunar Eclipse July 2018

The Moon is full in Aquarius on 27 July 2018 at 8.20 pm GMT, but just as it reaches what should be its brightest moment, the shadow of the Earth will fall across it. This is a total Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses occur every six months and mark opportunities for integrating past and future. At a Lunar Eclipse old feelings and patterns of behaviour (Moon) are given a back seat and we are able to focus on the way ahead with more confidence and enthusiasm (Sun).

This Lunar Eclipse has Mars conjunct the Moon, indicating that previous rivalries and conflicts that may have instilled anger can now recede into the shadows. We have the possibility of gaining a new perspective on those issues, taking the heat out of them. Releasing old anger frees us up, lightens our load and enables us to move into a sunnier future.

Mars is currently in retrograde motion in Aquarius, prompting us to find alternative ways of getting things done – it encourages us to be inventive. Letting go of fear and finding the courage to stand by our own truth are all qualities of this position of Mars. It will be another month before Mars turns direct again and so any plans made now will probably have to wait until then before action can be taken.

Be inventive!

In square aspect to Moon/Mars in Aquarius and Sun in Leo is Uranus in Taurus, indicating that there could be unexpected events and radical changes taking place (interestingly thunderstorms are forecast for the UK on this day, interrupting the long dry spell we’ve been experiencing!). Uranus shakes up complacency and stagnant behaviours. Its function is to free us up from old, set ways of thinking and acting.

There is a flowing aspect between the Sun/North Node (future) and Chiron and another between Moon/Mars/South Node and Chiron suggesting opportunities for creative healing.

Those with planets or points in their charts that fall in the early degrees of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio are more likely to experience major turning points in their lives as a result of this eclipse. The effects can take up to six months to fully manifest.

Enjoy the warmth of the Leo Sun

The Sun in Leo brings a vitality and brightness to everyday existence and affords us the opportunity to be creative and generally sunnier in our outlook.

If we are blessed with clear skies then this Lunar Eclipse should be visible here in the UK as it takes place at 9.20 pm BST.



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