Pisces Full Moon

The Moon, now in Pisces, and full at 7.02 am GMT on 6th September, encourages our sensitive side to come to the fore. It is easy to tune in to the unconscious realms now, and feel our connection to the whole of creation. Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces, is closely conjunct the Moon, amplifying these empathic abilities. We have the potential to open our hearts to unconditional love and recognise the pain and suffering across the world.

Watery Full Moon

Neptune was also conjunct the Moon and Sun at the February Solar Eclipse earlier this year. Perhaps you had a few dreams that appeared then which have now ripened. These two watery planets (Neptune, Moon) in a watery sign (Pisces) can make us very dreamy and sleepy. It’s a great time for contemplation, meditation, and creating. This can be fruitful for reflecting on matters from the past and imagining the future.

The more negative traits of Pisces involve playing the victim, escaping through drugs and alcohol, and deluding oneself. The desire to escape, not take part, and feel sorry for oneself is the darker side of Pisces. But the gift of Pisces is the ability to feel at one with everything around us and know that there is a mysterious essence to life that extends beyond the personal.

Make-believe and illusion is excellent for story-writing, poetry and film-making, but a healthy grip on reality is needed for steering our way through everyday life. At all Full Moons balance is the key – between Moon and Sun. The Sun in Virgo reminds us of our earthy day to day tasks. How can we use our compassion (Pisces) to be of useful service (Virgo) to those around us and the planet we reside on?

The Sun (the hero) in Virgo is in a grand trine aspect with Pluto (god of the Underworld) in Capricorn and the asteroid Pallas Athene (goddess of wisdom and and justice) in Taurus. These three can work together diligently to bring changes that benefit all.

Dreamy mists

Mercury, planet of communication, finishes it’s retrograde phase just a few hours before this Full Moon. It changes direction on the same point of the recent Solar Eclipse (28 degrees Leo), suggesting that information is ready to come to light. In a fiery grand trine configuration with Uranus and Saturn surprising facts may emerge that call for serious solutions. Uranus demands truth and Saturn is concerned with reality – what previously hidden information is now surfacing? On a positive note this is a brilliant line up of planets that help ground inspirational ideas.

The effects of Solar eclipses are felt for several months after the actual day of the eclipse. The significance of this recent one (21 August 2017) have yet to fully emerge.

Take some time out for quiet reflection, preferably in a location near a large expanse of water. Meditate and dream big at this very creative Full Moon!

Quiet contemplation





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‘The Great American Solar Eclipse’

This special new Moon on 21st August 2017 takes place at 6.30 pm GMT. There are at least two solar eclipses each year, so why has the upcoming one been dubbed “the Great American Solar Eclipse”? Presumably because it is the first for 99 years that will be visible across the continent of North America. However there are more links to the US. The eclipse occurs at 28 degrees 52 minutes of Leo which is very close to the Ascendant of Donald Trump (29 degrees Leo) and near to his Mars (26 degrees Leo). The Ascendant indicates our approach to life, how we tackle new ventures and Mars is the action planet, determining how we rise to a challenge and assert ourselves. Will the president be energised or eclipsed by this special new Moon?

The Sun, ruler of Leo, is soon to be eclipsed

In the chart of the US, the Moon, at 27 degrees of Aquarius, is in opposition to the eclipse point. The Moon in a nation’s chart represents the people. This Aquarian Moon suggests a blend of people from different cultures, backgrounds and races. There is great potential for tolerance and fairness in this Moon sign (Aquarius), but following the election of this current president great extremes of opinion have been aired (to put it mildly). The people of America (the Moon) are at odds (opposition) with the way Donald Trump has presented himself (Leo Ascendant) and the actions he has taken (Mars). This eclipse heralds a significant change for the coming weeks/months.

Regulus (little king), a fixed star associated with royalty is conjunct this eclipse point. It was known in medieval times as the Cors Leonis (heart of the lion) and was significant when predicting the death of kings and the fall of leaders. On a more positive note, the star can also bring high honours and those born under its influence can enjoy riches and glory.

On a personal level this eclipse will be especially important for you if it is your birthday or if you have planets or points near 28 degrees Leo. If you are born under the other fixed signs of Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio, especially towards the end of those signs, you may find the coming months bring important life changes.

There is a grand fire trine from the Sun/Moon/North Node/Mars (Leo) to Saturn (Sagittarius) and Uranus (Aries) giving possibilities for areas that have felt stagnant to now shift and progress. Fire is all about action and passion. There are opportunities for new ideas to be not only moved forward, but to be grounded.

Childishness, self-importance, pride and arrogance are some of the negative traits of Leo, but Leo rules the heart and is capable of great love, generosity and joy. It is the sign of leadership and open-heartedness. The North Node now in Leo is prompting us to move along this line to a brighter future.

All eclipses bring change for they open us up to the past and the future, enabling us to see what has gone before and how that can influence the future. The blotting out of the light of consciousness (the Sun) for a short while, allows a new understanding to surface regarding the natural path of evolution.

Many eastern traditions believe activities performed at eclipses are amplified, whether positive or negative, and can have serious repercussions on the future. Time spent in quiet meditation or prayer and other positive practices at the time of the eclipse can be of extreme benefit to self and others.







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Aquarius Lunar Eclipse

In April this year the North and South Nodes of the Moon changed signs – they slipped from Virgo/Pisces into Leo/Aquarius. The Moon’s Nodes are active during eclipses and on 7th August at 6.10 pm GMT we will experience the first Lunar Eclipse since the change of signs. So what does this mean?

A new dawn, a new day

The Virgo/Pisces axis focuses on mind, body and spirit. These signs want to serve and heal. For some 18 months under the influence of the Virgo/Pisces Nodes we were guided to question our relationship to planet earth (Virgo) and our spirituality (Pisces). Times have not been easy and there is much uncertainty about our future. Pisces, feels the suffering of others and Virgo, closely attuned to the earth, attempts to make order out of chaos. We are in the midst of huge changes and it has been easy to slip into confusion (Pisces) and worry mode (Virgo).

Now the emphasis is turning towards matters of the heart (Leo); giving and receiving love in a generous way, whilst acknowledging the rights of the individual (Aquarius). Our unique individuality (Aquarius) and our personal creativity (Leo) are linked. If we are not recognised as individuals (Aquarius) then we become dispirited and fail to shine (Leo).

This Lunar Eclipse (Moon conjunct South Node in Aquarius) will draw our attention to the past and what needs to be released. Are there some old belief patterns that need to be revised? Do you need to allow old dreams to fade?  Are you hanging on unnecessarily to a previous wish that doesn’t really apply to your current life? What is clogging up your mind? Our perceptions of life may need to alter if we are to realise our potential.

The Sun in Leo is closely conjunct Mars, the action planet. We are being urged to get creative and to enjoy life.  Recognising the joy around us and the possibilities that exist can encourage us to feel fully alive (Fiery Leo). While Leo (Sun, North Node) focuses on the personal, Aquarius (Moon, South Node) concentrates on the impersonal. Smiles are infectious and so is joy. How can you personally spread some encouraging light out into the world?  Aquarius (Moon, South Node) holds the vision and Leo (Sun, Mars, North Node) provides the spark of creativity.

In a key position at this eclipse is the asteroid Pallas Athene, warrior goddess of wisdom. Placed in Taurus and in square aspect to Sun/Mars and the Moon she is prompting us to find inventive solutions to environmental problems. On a personal level it is a good time to get out into nature and feel your connection with the animal and plant worlds.

Eclipses are doorways to the past and the future. At this point we are given the opportunity to see what has been holding us back and needs to be released. We are also being given a glimpse of a possible brighter future. This time marks the clearing of the old before we embark on the new.





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Emotions surfacing

Mars, the action planet has been in Cancer, the sign of home and family matters, since 5th June and the Sun is now catching it up. At this Full Moon (9th July 4.08 am GMT) they are just 5 degrees apart and in close opposition to the Full Moon and Pluto in Capricorn. Full Moons across the Cancer/Capricorn axis always raise issues around security, the pursuit of material gain, domestic needs, family concerns and comfort. However, with the presence of Mars and Pluto at either end of the axis there could be some heated exchanges arising from these issues.

The goat (Capricorn) aims high

The crab (Cancer) likes to stay close to home

Pluto in close contact with the Moon may trigger some deep rooted feelings. Old memories (Moon) previously suppressed (Pluto) may surface. Mars in close opposition offers an outlet; maybe an angry outburst. Pluto transforms by revealing all that has been deeply buried, bringing to light old wounds that need healing. The intensity of this Full Moon may be the opportunity for revelations to take place. If the energy of Mars can be used positively, instead of angrily, then there is great scope for those previously hidden hurts to be directed into healing outcomes, enabling transformation to take place. Pluto conjunct the Moon signals emotional change and the opposition to Sun/Mars suggests the release of inner turmoil.

In a square aspect to this Sun/Mars, Moon/Pluto opposition is Jupiter (planet of growth) in Libra (sign of justice) offering the opportunity for a cool-headed approach. What are the wider issues? How can a fairer solution be found? How can your emotions be calmed and how would an angry exchange impact on others? What is a better all round answer to the issues that have surfaced?

Much progress can be made right now if you proceed with caution (Mars square Jupiter) as this is a good time to further projects already started. However although you may feel strong both physically and psychologically, it is easy to over extend (Jupiter) yourself so it’s best not to go beyond your normal energy limitations.

Mars and Pluto in aspect to each other give us the will and drive to push the limits in order to accomplish much. There is a tendency to experience irritation if confronted or blocked which can erupt into anger. In order to proceed it is best if egos are kept out of the equation. Mars/Pluto = power. Make sure it is the right use of power and never at the expense of someone else.

As I write this the G20 Summit is taking place – there have been many protests and talks are expected to be fractious. We can only hope that tempers do not boil and that a fair-minded approach is employed to bring about some sensible and wise decisions.

“When power comes to you, keep some, pass some on, and claim her again when she returns. Letting go of power is the ultimate in trust: my power is not diminished by yours from the description of the Strength card in Daughters of the Moon tarot by Ffiona Morgan.

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‘Astrology Now’ Workshops

Have you checked out my News/Events page? If so you’ll know about the ‘Astrology Now’ workshops I’m participating in with fellow astrologer Maureen Mason. (News / Events)

The first one was on 3rd June at the Ambulance Hall in Launceston. The planet Uranus was in a prominent place for that day so we focused on its possible effects. Often we experience surprises and disruption under its influence and true to form our workshop started with some unexpected events: one participant witnessed an upsetting accident on her way to join us; then someone turned up thinking they’d booked the hall; and finally a random passer-by came in and asked where the toilets were??!!

Disturbances over, we then got started and the day went very smoothly. Together we explored: the part Uranus has played on world events recently; the placement of Uranus in the personal charts of workshop participants; and, how its current position may be affecting the lives of each participant at the moment.

There were six attendees who enthusiastically joined in all the exercises, including, group discussion, drawing/writing adventures and an enlightening visualisation concentrating on Uranus. It was a fabulous group and everyone said they had an enjoyable time.

So, does the above sound interesting to you? If so, then maybe you’d like to join us for the next one when we’ll be focusing mainly on Pluto, planet of transformation. Here are the details:

When: Saturday, 1st July

Times: 10 am – 4.30 pm

Where: Passmore Edwards Hall, Hayle

Cost: £45, £30 concessions, a non-refundable £15 deposit secures a place

If you’d like to attend please email either me,  – patneill494@gmail.com or Maureen, maureenmason2000@yahoo.co.uk



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Last Full Moon of the Spring

This Full Moon occurs in Sagittarius at 13.11 GMT on 9th June. The Archer (Sagittarius) aims high and far. He signifies our journey of self-discovery and our search for Truth. The opposition of Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius guides us to find a balance between the detailed information coming into our lives with the need to see a broader picture. With the reasoning of Gemini and the inspiration of Sagittarius we seek to put life into perspective.

The ruler of fiery Sagittarius is Jupiter, god of wisdom, currently residing in fair-minded Libra. In this position Jupiter is in flowing aspect to both Sun and Moon, guiding our actions. It was four months ago that this giant turned retrograde in Libra, enabling us to reflect on the meaning of life and our purpose here. What is the bigger picture? Do we seek to satisfy our own needs or do we cast our vision across a wider landscape? What do we want for our country, our world, our universe? What part do we play in the whole? How can we operate more fairly?

Just one hour after the Moon is full, Jupiter stops, before turning direct. How is this pause, this change of direction going to manifest? It’s like we’ve been pondering the future and trying to make up our minds since February. We’ve been gathering the facts (Gemini), applying them to our philosophy of life and now it’s time to take a stand. Where do we go from here?  What lies ahead? Does it fit in with our personal truths?

Pointing to the future?

In contact with the Moon is Saturn, also in Sagittarius. It’s been journeying through the sign of the centaur (Sagittarius) since December 2014, giving us plenty of time to sort out our beliefs and grow in wisdom. Perhaps you’ve embarked on some line of study which has furthered your knowledge and understanding. How have your philosophies changed or consolidated? Saturn in Sagittarius requires us to take responsibility for our beliefs and to adhere to our particular moral code.  As Saturn approaches the end of its stay in Sagittarius it’s time to assess how our wisdom has deepened and our understanding broadened. (It will move into Capricorn in December).

Squaring the Sun/Moon opposition is Neptune, the god of the fathomless sea. Positioned in its own sign of Pisces and in challenging aspect to Sun and Moon we are shown how our ideals may be at odds with the current times. Perhaps there will be confusion, sacrifice and disappointment as our dearest wishes are not realised. Or perhaps we will be uplifted because we feel our dreams are coming true.  Alternatively the way ahead could be unclear. Does deception challenge Truth?

As I write this blog people are going to the polls to vote and by the Full Moon tomorrow we will know the results – it is difficult to predict the outcome, but many of the considerations discussed above will arise to colour our reactions to what has taken place.

Here is the Sabian symbol for the position of the Full Moon:

“Pelicans menaced by the behaviour and refuse of men seek safer areas for bringing up their young” with the keynote: “The need for people concerned with the future to discover a new way of living and more wholesome surroundings”.




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Full Moon in Scorpio

On 10th May 2017 at 9.44 pm GMT there is a full Moon in Scorpio. In Eastern tradition this is the powerful Wesak Moon which is associated with the Buddha. It is believed that this marks a time when the energies of the Buddha and the Christ are fused and blended, providing an open channel of communication between humanity and deity.








There is an intensity to this full Moon as the fixed signs of Taurus and Scorpio are to the fore. Scorpio is not a comfortable place for the Moon, as this watery sign urges us to plunge the depths and discover what lies hidden within. We naturally push down what we deem unpleasant or difficult to handle, but Scorpio is no stranger to the dark and can force all that has previously been secreted away to surface again. We may be forced to examine how we seek to over-control our lives, our compulsions, our desires for power and a myriad of other unpleasant feelings. However, there is an easy and creative aspect between the Moon and Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) which hints at the possibility of transforming our feelings, should we choose to explore them thoroughly.

All that is pushed down into the depths is not necessarily bad. Sometimes there are hidden strengths, abilities and talents that have previously been too hot to handle. There can be tremendous gifts lurking beneath the waters, just waiting to be claimed! You may be pleasantly surprised.

Some brilliant flashes of insight are possible at this time, because Mercury (messenger of the gods) and Uranus (the Awakener) are in close conjunction. This may take the form of unexpected/shocking news or merely a sudden realisation when you see a situation from a new perspective.

There are symbols for each degree of the zodiac (called the Sabian symbols) and the keynotes for those symbols for this full Moon are as follows:

The Sun: “Learning to discern what in your culture and religion is meaningful for you personally”.

The Moon: “A readiness to face the results of a refusal to follow the authoritarian patterns of an aggressive society”.

The Sun in earthy Taurus reminds us of all the beauty of nature and the sensual pleasures of life on earth. While the Moon in Scorpio points us towards the deeper meaning of life and the powerful guiding influences that run through us all. No matter what your personal beliefs, it is an opportunity to tune in to your purpose and give thanks for the blessings of our natural surroundings.

The green land and the cleansing river





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